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So this is 26.


So this is 26.

Annie Heath

Today is my 26th birthday. In most ways, I feel like not much has changed since my 25th birthday. I still have a solid relationship with my family and all my sweet friends. I'm the same height. I weigh about the same weight (+ a few pounds, thank you Mr. Holmes). I cut my hair, then I grew it out again. From the outside looking in, I'm pretty much identical.

There is one major difference, though. I moved! & not only did I move apartments, I moved to a new coast.
So, I guess everything about my life is different, really.

I remember writing this birthday post on the eve of my 25th birthday from a hotel room in Buffalo, New York. If you had told me at that moment that in a short 365 days I would be living on the opposite coast, with a stitched up hand, 3 emergency room visits, two heartbreaking losses, lots of new friends, countless new experiences, one skiing lesson, one surfing lesson & one tiny tattoo... well, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't believe you. 

I think that's an awesome blessing about living in the unknown, though. Had I seen all those things stampeding down a looking glass toward me, I probably would have crawled into my bed and never left. But I had no idea what was on the way. Instead I had to take it step by baby step, by a few leaps of faith.

I haven't any clue what my 26th year will bring, and I don't want to know.
Every year we have to choose to leap again, right into the unknown. 
& every year, in the middle of a normal day, I expect you take a look at your life and realize all those leaps taught you how to fly.


Photo: Jacob Heath, Nikond3200 35mm | Edits: Adbobe Lightroom and Photoshop
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