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Bachelorette Party (OMG!!!!!!!)


Bachelorette Party (OMG!!!!!!!)

Annie Heath

I guess I would say the coolest thing about having a professional photographer as a bestie is that my life looks FREAKING GLAMOROUS.

But in all seriousness, I am still coming off the high of my bachelorette party last weekend. It was the best weekend of my life (until the wedding replaces it a month from today, I'm sure). I've heard so many brides-to-be say that, and I always smiled and thought it was a little weird. In fact, I didn't want to have a bachelorette party. I thought it was too much to ask of my friends. I moved 2000 miles away and left most of my best friends in the midwest. How could I ask them to fly to California for just two days to celebrate with me when I will see them at the wedding in one month anyway? 

But my sisters talked me into doing it, and I couldn't be more grateful. Honestly, to have so many of my friends, in such an absolutely bEaUTifuL place, in the midst of wine country... well I've just never felt more loved. 

I'll post later about what we did to prep for the weekend, because my trio-MOH sisters and I learned A LOT about how to throw our first bach party.... but for now, here are some pics that Natalie took. Enjoy!


Photos by Natalie Folchi of Folchi Photography & Natalie Was Here Blog. // & because some of you have asked, my jumpsuit is from Urban Outfitters. I think they're sold out, but here is the romper version!