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Crushing on lately...


Crushing on lately...

Annie Heath

Oh guys. Hi :D I have some updates: A few weeks ago I had a kitchen accident and cut my hand. Ouch! I could type, but after my full work day (marketing) (read: typing a lot) I couldn't muster much hand stamina to blog,. I had to rely on the posts I had in stock (two) but those went really fast and I had to miss you guys terribly.  Finally, on Friday, I got my stitches out (yay!), but the next day I got sick. My days have consisted of work, sleep and DayQuil since. But, now, here we are, back in action :D

Happy updates! My friend Natalie is coming to visit me in less than TEN DAYS! I can't wait to host my first official visitor in SF! & with that, I can introduce this beautiful photo. Recognize it? I geeked over it (and immediately bought this exact flavor) when Natalie posted this picture last week. Which leads me into my last note: I want to host a photo sharing space. Would you guys be into that? I'm not sure of the details yet but I've been tossing around the idea for a while.

Let me know. & in the meantime... some crushes: 

Photo by: Natalie Folchi of Natalie Was Here

Photo by: Natalie Folchi of Natalie Was Here