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Annie Heath

crockpot chicken tacos.jpg

I'm a major offender of ice cream for dinner. Or cake for dinner. Sometimes I even go for the s'mores. Though it does help me satisfy a major sweet tooth, I mostly go this route because of the major convenience. 

But this year I've rediscovered the crock pot & when I walk up my three flights of stairs & open the door of the studio to smell a delicious dinner, ready to eat, I no longer have an excuse. Today I wanted to share my favorite crock pot recipe to date: chicken tacos.

Easy chicken tacos.jpg

When I went over to a friend's for the Super Bowl, (salted oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in hand) someone introduced me to these tacos. & my life was changed. You will need:

In the crockpot:

  • Three frozen chicken breasts
  • Your favorite salsa
  • Frozen corn
  • 1 can of your favorite beans, rinsed
  • 1 package of taco seasoning mix 

For the tacos:

  • The crockpot chicken
  • Taco sized flour tortillas (did you even know they had these?!)
  • Taco fixins' (I used rice, lettuce, cheese & sour cream)
easy chicken tacos.jpg

Like all crockpot recipes, this one is simple. Combine all five ingredients & let it slow cook while you're at work. Shred the chicken when you come home & let it sit for another hour while you cook the rice. Then... eat tacos.

easy crockpot chicken tacos.jpg

So, the consensus:  ice cream for dinner is good, but these tacos are better. What are your other favorite crock pot recipes? I want to try!

easy crockpot chicken tacos.jpg