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Annie Heath

JULY! A whole MONTH in my new apartment! A sometimes hot, sometimes cold (weird?!), sometimes stressful, sometimes relaxing, always amazing month. July taught me how many great people & things I have in my life. Here are some of my favorites:

You may know that I was on Lake Keowee with my four siblings & 16 cousins for the Fourth of July to celebrate the life of my Papa. It was an incredible weekend, full of a lot of emotion, a lot of memories, but above all, gratefulness. My family is so fun. & jumping into this lake (for I dunno, maybe the trillionth time?) is a perfect reminder of all I have.

MOVED INTO MY APARTMENT!!!! It's probably 1/6 the size of my old house in Columbia Tusculum.. but it's mine. & so is this coffee corner. Yes, I did dedicate an entire corner of my apartment to coffee. p.s. Do you like the print? I made it :)

Because is there anything in the world that is better than donuts? Seriously? It's cake. For breakfast. omgznommmm.

It was Teddy's birthday this month, & we celebrated at Bunbury Music Festival. & even though it was pouring down rain, I found some great new bands (Saint SenecaZZ Ward & Young the Giant), put on a ton of press-on tattoos, & enjoyed being a super hipster with some really awesome people for a day.

Then I spent a week on... VaCAtiOn!!! Recharging & relaxing & resetting & spending time to work on the blog & read & run & omg it was perfect. You can click here  to learn more :)

THIS SONG. It came out on July 29 & by the 31st I owned it. It is SO fun. It reminds me of the nineties (Lady Marmelade) & also of Great Gatsby (I don't know why!). Guys. Dannnnnng.

Lastly - it was National Ice Cream Month! I can't even tell you how many times I celebrated in the past 365 days. More than half, most likely. I showed you my favorite Cincinnati Ice Cream joints & you bet your bottom dollar I'll have more coming to you in the future. Ice Cream & I... well, we're in it for the long haul. 

Anyway, I love you guys. I hope you had a great July. & I can't wait for August... our last month of summer (what the heck!?!?). Let's make it magical :)