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Annie Heath

La. Da. Di. I love the graphic tee.

What I love about the weekend is that it's a chance to let loose.  No need for you, pencil skirt. Farewell constrained button down! I'm not even going to look  at you til Monday!

I bought my first three graphic tees all in the same day (it was Friday) (smirk emoji). I admit, & my cashier did too, it was a little excessive. Here's what happened: After spotting Elsie + Emma's shirts HERE, I got it in my head I should own a Brunch shirt. Why? Because I would always prefer to be at Brunch. Weeks later: Perusing Banana Republic with my sis for business clothes & in the middle of the fall collection.... BAM. THIS. Sold. But not. They are expensive. So.. I sat in stalk mode til this weekend's $50-off-$100-purchase sale. I came out with three perfect graphic tees. All for half price. (Jump for joy!)

Now let's talk about Banana for a second. Are you surprised? I was. We had a nice chat about it (the cashier + me). Banana has a new Creative Director. Her name is Marissa Webb & "she's all about taking life less seriously."  It's sharp angles & layers & working weekend wear into the work place. I think I'm going to love #TheNewBR. & Marissa, you're my idol.

So that's my thought this Monday. Let's have fun. I know not every day is the weekend. But maybe we could treat life a little more like it was. So, my loves, ready for a great, fun & magical Monday? Hint: the answer should be yes. & let's do it together. Ready? Go! 

Bee tea dubs:

Shirt: Banana Republic Graphic Tee [in stores only] [similar]
Shorts: JCrew Shorts [old.. like 2009]
Shoes: DSW Clearance(!) Gladiator Sandals [here]
Sunnies: NYC Street Vendor  
Photography: Jacob Heath.

P.S. Definitely going to style the graphic tee into my work wear. Stay tuned :)