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Annie Heath

Hi, hi, hi! I think you know that I work at a pretty relaxed work-wear company. We travel... a lot. So  our bosses kind of let us wear what's comfortable for our long hours. This summer I've been into the whites. 

Shirt: Speckled White Tee via Madewell/JCrew Outlet
Pants: The Jasper Skinny BCBGeneration via Gap Outlet Store  
Shoes: The Mindy Slip On from Frye Company (Gifted)
Glasses: Tortoise Shell Glasses via Polo.

Why do I love all white ensembles? Because I try to get ready for work in just under 12 minutes. & all white outfits always match. & you know what, it seems pretty purposeful. Like, "Yes. I planned this. Of course I put thought into what I was wearing today." Also, it's summer. & in the summer you can  wear all white. So you should.

The other reason I love this outfit is because I purchased almost every piece from a discount store. I got my shirt at a JCrew Outlet in Baltimore. The pants (how awesome are they?! Denim top & fo-leather bottom. Amazing!) were on clearance at The Gap Clearance Store [map]. Have you guys been there? The one by CVG Airport? Guys - they have some seriously amazing deals there. It's all slightly damaged - but hey, sometimes "slightly damaged" is seriously on trend.

My friend & co-worker Kelly was so awesome to run out into the parking lot with me after work one day. This is her debut into Photography for Magical Simplicity. How'd she do? I think it's great :)

Do you guys like all whites? I've seen some friends also be monochrome in white (Cincin-Natalie). It can be dressed up or down & worn all around. Well, for a few weeks more, I suppose. Summer is flying!!  Can't wait to see your ensembles :)