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Cold pressed iced coffee [video]


Cold pressed iced coffee [video]

Annie Heath

Coffee. I want it. I love it. I need it. But in this summer swelter, sometimes I can't handle the hot stuff. So lately I've had it in my head to brew my own cold concentrate. I thought it would be more economical than buying iced coffee every morning at one of my fave coffee shops. & I think it will be more economical.. when I get it all figured out.

So I took a shot. I don't have it perfect yet, but I do have it documented. & I made a video!! Wanna see?

A few notes:

1. Your coffee beans should be ground on coarse (as pictured above). 
2. I did a 1:2 ratio of coffee grounds:water for the concentrate 
3. & a 1:3 ratio of concentrate:water. 

Confession: It wasn't quite enough. I need it stronger & I need more of it. So let me figure out the right ratios & get back to you ;D

Video: Shot with Nikon D 3200/Edited in iMovie
Music: Highway 101 by The Losers
Photos: Nikon D 3200/Edited in Lightroom with VSCOcam