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Return of the Midi Skirt


Return of the Midi Skirt

Annie Heath

Do you remember when I first posted about the midi? Shortly after I moved to Ida Street, I fell in love with this show stopping skirt. But I only wore it one time.

See, I had some trouble pairing it. The thing fits like a glove, so if I tucked in a shirt, it got very bunchy…  Plus, **** every time I pulled this midi out of my closet I thought to myself: "Wow, this is way too dressy." Off the list for Christmas, cancel the Thanksgiving plans, Work? Really? Who are you trying to impress?

I was wasting away precious midi skirt opportunities, until, one fabulous day, I found the answer to both dilemmas. The midi's high waist screams for a cropped top & that also brings my fancy level down a few notches.

All is right with the world.

Or is it? Rewind for a sec. See my ****'s? Re-read that sentence. Do you want to punch me in the face? No? Good. That was aggressive of me to say & I doubt I would take a punch to the face very well. But here's a more tactful question: Why did I keep talking myself out of wearing my midi? Was I afraid of what other people thought? I love this midi. & I've always tried to live by the rule, if you wear anything with enough confidence, it will always look appropriate. Wednesday date night, Monday work day, Weekend brunch -- aren't any (& all) a good occasion for a midi skirt?

Which brings me to this final thought: shouldn't we just wear what we love, because we love it?
Voices in your mind, & outside of it, be damned.

Food for thought this Monday morning. I hope it inspires :D
Now, everyone, go have a terrific week!  xox

Midi Skirt: JOA via Curate Boutique 2014 | same via SHOPBOPLimited quantity via The Daily Look
Crop Top: Socialite via Nordstrom Rack 2013 | similar | similar via Forever 21 
Jacket: rag + bone via TJMaxx 2013 | kind of similar via Macy's
Booties: JCrew Factory 2014 
Photography: Jacob Heath